"I am now writing music, producing music, and I’m able to better understand theory and other concepts that directly apply to the music that inspires me."
Sam S.
"Warren opened the door for me. I struggled for years. When I found his Radiohead lessons, it totally changed for me. He teaches so simply, doesn't waste time, and has an easy to watch demeanor."
Tommy D.
Web Designer
"I appreciate that his approach is non-dogmatic, non-institutional. It connects with music happening in the real world in a concrete way. Also, he has an entire system he has worked on for years to teach, which is really impressive. It's 'modular' so it feels very refreshing."
"Warren gave me the tools to understand music and set me on the path to teach myself how to play the music I love. His grid-based method is a great way to break down musical notation that is easier than learning to read/write sheet music."
Mitch H.
UX Designer / Researcher
"Life changing. Warren's teaching style trains me to be an independent lifelong learner... My musical ear is much better. I trust myself more... I am more inspired."
Andrew B.
University Teacher
"Warren helped me a lot to develop me ear particularly for singing and transcribing melodies and chords! I am able to know with a much higher degree of confidence that I am or am not singing a melody correctly. This has helped me in many facets of my musicianship and creativity."
Casey S.
Producer, DJ
"Warren inspired me to learn more songs on guitar and learn how rewarding it is! His way of explaining things is very clear and easy to follow! Not too fast or slow. I can now play dozens of challenging songs."
Charlie W.
"It simplified it all to me in a way that no other course or teacher has been able to. I was curious about online lesson vs. face to face but it was absolutely amazing."
Ivar F.
"I appreciate Warren's attention to detail. His methodical approach to breaking down music provides both insight into theory and technique for performance."
"Thanks to Warren's training, I've become significantly better at active listening and using my ears to guide me with my instruments and composition."
"Learning from Warren has allowed without a doubt the biggest musical growth I’ve ever had in just a short period of time. From the way I approach the guitar fretboard to my music theory knowledge."
"Warren made my musicianship come to life! I never thought I'd be able to truly understand music, let alone compose my own tracks, but he gave me enough confidence to try... I am now writing my own music, and I pay more attention to significant details in the music I love."
Emilie L.
"I appreciate Warren's ability to scaffold and lead me to the answer, rather than 'giving me a fish....' I am approaching music composition more holistically than I ever thought I could."
Alden K.
"Warren has lovingly crafted his own style for teaching which builds on intuition and embraces the whole world of music. Learning musicianship with Warren has opened up a whole new world in which I can create more of the things which make life beautiful."
Josh K.
Software Engineer
"I've seen my musicianship increase by leaps & bounds. His teaching style is perfect for me and anyone who learns by doing. I wouldn't have passed the entry exam to get into music college without him."
Josh P.
Student, Guitarist, Songwriter, Producer
"Warren has changed the way I look at and make music. He unlocked the tools and concepts that enabled me to have a better view of how music is made and that gave me a lot of options when I write music. He is clear, patient, and very knowledgeable."
Patrick K.
"Warren taught me new ways to play and bring a rejuvenating creativity to my playing... I appreciate how much he feels like a good friend whom you can trust."
Jake S.
"I am now learning music completely by ear with the help of this amazing tool I didn't realize I had... my brain! Seriously, no more tab required! Guitar is meant to be PLAYED with your ears and mind! Warren helped me understand the instrument and start making sense of what I was doing."
"He always encourages us to dig deeper into the music, to analyse and try to understand the intentions and inner workings of a song, rather than blindly reproducing it. This has really deepened my understanding of music theory."
"Warren always comes from a place of believing I can make good music."
Josh B.

Because musicianship lasts a lifetime.