Harmony Module

10 Episodes

Approaching complex chords and convoluted chord progressions with more confidence starts when you learn how to use your new, specialized tool: Chord Numerals.

Fusing music theory together with ear-training in one system, without having to read staff lines, Chord Numerals expand this comprehensive self-teaching method that will change your relationship to Harmony forever.

In ten episodes, the Harmony Module will help you build skills essential to musicianship: fluency in Diatonic Harmony, vertical chord construction and horizontal chord movement, and transcription of real world chord progressions.

Whether you play guitar, piano, or produce music digitally, the Harmony Module fully integrates music theory with ear-training through popular musical examples, challenging yet fun exercises, and helpful visual aids in a comprehensive learning experience.

Based on principles derived from Common Practice Period Functional Harmony and Roman Numeral Analysis.

Episode 1
What is Harmony?
Episode 2
Introduction to Basic Harmony
Episode 3
Thirds, Triads, and the WARRENMUSIC Grid System
Episode 4
Diatonic Harmony: Vertical
Episode 5
Diatonic Harmony: Horizontal
Episode 6
Towards Playing by Ear: The Harmonic Process
Episode 7
Listen: Matching
Episode 8
Listen: Relating
Episode 9
Listen: Feeling
Episode 10
Songs Are Still Your Teacher