Melody module

10 Episodes

Taking the most difficult melodies and making them simple begins with a revolutionary concept that unlocks it all: Scale Degrees.

Fusing music theory together with ear-training in one system, without having to read note names, Scale Degrees form the basis of a comprehensive self-teaching method that will change the way you approach Melody forever.

In ten episodes, the Melody Module will help you build skills essential to musicianship: fluency in the Major Scale, relative pitch, and transcription of real world melodies.

Whether you play guitar, piano, or produce music digitally, the Melody Module fully integrates music theory with ear-training through popular musical examples, challenging yet fun exercises, and helpful visual aids in a comprehensive learning experience.

Based on principles derived from the Kodály Method and Cipher Notation.

Episode 1
What is Melody?
Episode 2
Introduction to the WARRENMUSIC Grid
Episode 3
The Codebreaker (The Major Scale)
Episode 4
Introduction to Ear-Training
Episode 5
Towards Playing By Ear: The Melodic Process
Episode 6
Listen: Matching
Episode 7
Listen: Relating
Episode 8
Listen: Feeling
Episode 9
The Ultimate Goal of Ear-Training
Episode 10
Songs Are Your Teacher