WARRENMUSIC Intro Module, Episode 05— “What Are You Hearing? (The Core Of a Song)”

Episode 5 of The WARRENMUSIC Series is now live! It’s titled, “What Are You Hearing? (The Core Of a Song).”

This video asks the question that snaps everything into focus. Watch as I explain the difference between how casual listeners hear music, and how musicians listen to music, and talk about what three things lie at the musical core of a song.

There is so much going on in the music we love that it is easy to get overwhelmed by all the details. No wonder so many of us turn to tabs, tutorials, and other forms of pre-packaged music information to sort it all out for us. But the problem of outsourcing listening and thinking about music for ourselves is clear: we become dependent on something outside of us, and we rarely connect with anything beyond the single song or musical passage the tab or tutorial is teaching us. But fear not: when we learn about and listen to the Melody, Harmony, and Rhythm of a song, we gain the essentials that translate directly to music making.

There will always be free educational content on warrenmusic.xyz. But for those who wish to challenge themselves in greater ways, premium content is now available in the form of in-depth modules, visual theory aids, and ear-training exercises using a wide range of musical examples. And with that said, you can pre-order now. Watch this blog for more updates and follow me on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram.

As always, I strive to add value to your musical journey. My sincere hope is that what I am putting out there sparks something in you. Drop me a note, comment, email, and share your stories with me… I’d love to hear how musicianship has changed your musical life!