WARRENMUSIC Series Intro Module, Episode 04 — “The Trajectory Of the WARRENMUSIC Series”

Wow, we’re buzzing ahead, now three videos in. The fourth episode is now live!

Where does this series begin? How will the course content be structured? What about really strange, creative music? Will we talk about that?

In Episode 4, “The Trajectory Of the WARRENMUSIC Series,” I walk you through a visual representation of what it will look like to come along for this musicianship ride…

The vision of WARRENMUSIC, through my covers and tutorials, chord charts, and now this video series has been and always strives to be simple: to help people get more out of the music they love. This website represents the latest and greatest attempt, by providing an approach to music that helps connect the gap we all experience between the music we love and the music we make through music theory, and ear-training. In the near future, we hope to bring you an amazing ear-training and theory app to help you develop your musicianship like never before.

And here in the WARRENMUSIC Blog, it’ll be similar. I’ll be posting useful resources I find for the benefit of your ear and your insight.

All the best,