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Begin building your musical foundation with this ten episode series on Melody. Learn more.
Expand your musical foundation with this ten episode series on Harmony. Learn more.
Complete your musical foundation with this ten episode series on Rhythm. Learn more.
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Learn Elliott Smith's Classic Song "Southern Belle" Note-For-Note
Watch Melody Module E04
Re-visit Vox's retelling of my hidden syncopation story!
Watch Rhythm Module E04
Watch Rhythm Module E03
Watch Rhythm Module E02
Watch Rhythm Module E01
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"I am now writing music, producing music, and I’m able to better understand theory and other concepts that directly apply to the music that inspires me."
Sam S.
"Life changing. Warren's teaching style trains me to be an independent lifelong learner... My musical ear is much better. I trust myself more... I am more inspired."
Andrew B.
University Teacher
"Learning from Warren has allowed without a doubt the biggest musical growth I’ve ever had in just a short period of time. From the way I approach the guitar fretboard to my music theory knowledge."
"Warren has lovingly crafted his own style for teaching which builds on intuition and embraces the whole world of music. Learning musicianship with Warren has opened up a whole new world in which I can create more of the things which make life beautiful."
Josh K.
Software Engineer
"I appreciate that his approach is non-dogmatic, non-institutional. It connects with music happening in the real world in a concrete way. Also, he has an entire system he has worked on for years to teach, which is really impressive. It's 'modular' so it feels very refreshing."
"I've seen my musicianship increase by leaps & bounds. His teaching style is perfect for me and anyone who learns by doing. I wouldn't have passed the entry exam to get into music college without him."
Josh P.
Student, Guitarist, Songwriter, Producer

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